BG Students Online

Jacob Herm   -  

It’s our deepest prayer that everyone is keeping safe, healthy, and sane during this unprecedented time.

We launched BG Students Online as way to provide content, and keep connected with our students.

If you have a student, we’d love for you to encourage them to get involved with Student Ministries at Blue Grass Church.

Our weekly online schedule is as follows:
Tuesdays: a special guest devotional at 7pm
Sundays: Zoom Groups and Bible Studies at 4:30pm.

As a parent how nice would it be to say, “My student’s faith was strengthened during an uncertain time.”

Distractions are minimal. Extracurriculars are nonexistent. Now is the time to center ourselves, be still, and know who our God is.

In Christ’s Service,
Jacob Herm

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