Summer Family Challenge

Melody Pfeffer   -  

This Summer Family Challenge is an exciting “choose your own adventure” family activity that provides you and your children with many different options for a memorable, fun, and faith-filled summer.

The idea is simple: Download this printable 8-page Challenge Guide with various assignments (easy to attach to the fridge). Then, work together to complete as many of the challenges as you want. Each challenge has a point value, ranging between 10 points and 350 points.

At the end of the summer, one family with the most points will win a special prize plus we will randomly pick one other family to also win a prize!

Start date: June 1st
Finish date: September 5th

This is a “choose your own adventure” type of activity. Each family decides what challenges they will complete and in what order. It’s not about getting through the challenge, but about having fun, making memories and growing in faith TOGETHER.

Add up all your points and email your total score to Melody Pfeffer no later than September 10th.

Winners will be announced on the BG Kids Facebook group on September 10th.