BG Preteens Starting New Curriculum

Melody Pfeffer   -  

BG Preteens is starting a new curriculum on August 29th at 9:45am called BE BOLD!

It creates a safe space for your preteen to explore faith-related questions.

Questions we’ll address range from “Why doesn’t God make things fair for people?” and tougher questions like “Do good people go to heaven even if they aren’t Christians?” and “If I know God is real, why don’t I always feel it?”

The lessons always reinforce one of these foundational Bible truths:

  • God helps us get along(John 15:12)
  • God is in charge (Psalm46:10)
  • Jesus loves you (John 3:16)
  • The Bible is true (2 Timothy 3:16)
  • God is your friend (Romans5:11)
  • God is at work today (Romans 8:28)
  • God is always with you (Hebrews13:5)
  • God helps you make good choices (Proverbs3:5-6)
  • God is all-powerful (1 Chronicles 29:11)

We think having these truths deeply planted in your child’s heart and mind will anchor your child’s faith in God. And the friendships made in the BE BOLD class are equally important. We all need friends who help us stand firm in our faith!

But, of course, what shapes your child’s faith development most is what happens in your home. That’s why we encourage you to make your home a safe place to raise faith-related questions too…and to turn back to those solid, foundational truths we can trust.

Each week your child will come home with a “Mystery Mission” card. It’s a top-secret mission that encourages preteens to put their faith into action. Let your child take the lead, but feel free to ask what the missions are—and how those missions are helping your child grow closer to God.

We hope you and your child will discuss these questions, too. Preteens have told us these questions are important–so let them be important to you as you and God engage your child in conversation. Our prayer is that your child’s faith in God will deepen and a friendship with God will become ever more dynamic and life-shaping.

BE BOLD helps that happen, and we want you to know what your preteen explores in class. That’s why we’ll be giving you updates each week on what your preteen learned via our Next Gen Preteen Facebook page. If you haven’t joined, please let us know and we’ll get added to the group!

We’ll be using our Bibles every Sunday, so make sure your children bring their Bibles. We will have a few extra in case someone forgets.

Thanks again for letting us join with you in this adventure!