Belonging Class – A New Member Class

Rev. Ben Lovell   -  

Membership at Blue Grass Church is a step people take when they’re ready to say that this is more than the church they attend, and is now the church of which they are a part. A church member makes a commitment to take up their place in the Body of Christ as it’s represented in the congregation of Blue Grass Church, and actively join in the work of God in the world.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Blue Grass Church, or learning more about our mission and ministries, then we’ve got great news!

Starting at 6:30pm on Monday, April 19th we’re launching a five-week class that will meet weekly through Monday, May 17th.

The class will meet at our Main Campus and will explore the history, mission, vision and values of Blue Grass, Christian doctrines and creeds, Holy Sacraments, an overview of the Bible and God’s story, discovering your spiritual gifts, the ministries of Blue Grass, and our covenant. You only need to bring a Bible—all other resources are provided.

Becoming a Member of Blue Grass Church
At the end of our five weeks we’ll ask you if you would like to be baptized (if not already), make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as your Savior, and take up your place as an involved and participating member of Blue Grass Church.

If you decide that you’re not yet ready to become a member or make a commitment to Jesus Christ, we’ll wait until you’re ready.

You can sign up for the Belonging Class online HERE. If you have additional questions, email Ben Lovell or call 812-867-3997.