Advent Devotional – 11.28.2021

Rev. Doug Heiman   -  

Steve and Nancy Fosnaugh

John 1:9 – The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world

What does the word advent mean?

In Latin the word advent refers to a coming. In Christianity we prepare to celebrate Christ’s first coming and look forward to his second coming when He will return and reign forevermore.

In preparation for celebrating the birth of Jesus, we can use these four weeks before Christmas to spend more deliberate and meaningful time in prayer, and reading and reflecting on God’s word. We can share the tradition of lighting candles to remind us of the light Jesus brings to the world and that we should be a reflection of that light. Each day as we encounter darkness, we can be assured that Jesus is always with us lighting the way and we do not have to be anxious or fearful.

We can expand the meaning of Advent to include something else. Our coming. Our coming to Christ. Our acceptance of his birth, his death, and his resurrection for our salvation.

Almighty Father, thank you for sending us your son as that light of salvation we need in our lives. Help us be a reflection of that light to those around us. Amen