Spiritual Gifts Discovery

Rev. Ben Lovell   -  

One of the ways we live as a disciple in the Body of Christ is in putting our faith into action. Every one of us is gifted, called, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to take up our role in the life of the Church, and doing so will draw us nearer to Christ!

Are you wondering how you might be able to put your talents to work in service to God? Let us help!

The path to living in to your calling starts with getting a clearer idea of your distinct gifts. To that end, we’re offering the Spiritual Gifts Discovery tool from Group publishing. We’re excited to be able to offer this resource to you free of charge!

Simply go to bluegrassumc.org/spiritualgifts and take the brief survey. From there, you’ll see where you might be particularly gifted to ministry.

Please note that this isn’t the final word and it isn’t all encompassing. There may be something you’re called to that doesn’t show up on the survey; things like music, building, or art. But we hope find this resource useful as a place to start exploring what it looks like for you to be the Church in the world to the glory of God.