September Mission Focus – United Methodist Youth Home

Rev. Ben Lovell   -  

Our mission focus this month is the United Methodist Youth Home (UMYH). The UMYH ministers to the lives of at-risk youth in the state of Indiana by providing them with personalized education and workforce preparation in the hope that they’ll have the skills necessary to live happy, healthy, independent lives. The UMYH plays a vital role in caring for this potentially vulnerable population with referrals coming from the Department of Child Services and the Juvenile Probation Department of Indiana.

Currently, they’re excited about the new home for girls on their property that will free up space in the building previously used for that purpose to launch a new independent living program for young women transitioning out of the youth home.

Funds collected this month will go to support these types of life-changing ministries happening in our own community. Please consider how you might support this powerful mission with a gift above and beyond your regular tithe. There are several ways to give and you can find all of them at However you give, thank you for supporting the mission of God in the world.