Advent Devotional

Rev. Doug Heiman   -  

In preparation for the Advent Season, we’d like to invite the congregation to submit a devotional that you’ve written.

The theme is “How Jesus Makes A Difference In My Life.”

In your devotional, we ask that you would include a Scripture on which you base your devotional thoughts, along with a prayer. As a guide, including Scripture and comments, the devotional can range from 250 to 500 words.

Please submit your devotional HERE.

For those who prefer to write out their devotional, paper copies are available at the Welcome Desk.  

The deadline to submit your devotional entry is November 1st.

We’ll need a total of 34 devotionals that will run from Sunday, November 28th through December 31st.

We do reserve the right to edit content as best suited for the devotional series.

The devotionals will be posted on our Study Together Facebook Group, as well as our website.