URGENT NEED – Mishpael Fountain Ministry

Rev. Ben Lovell   -  

Thanks to your generosity, we were recently able to send $8,000 to Mishpael Fountain Ministry to help meet the immediate need in northern Nigeria.

The work’s not done, but a tremendous amount of good is being accomplished with the funds you gave to help the hurting.

Please continue to support this vital ministry as they live the Gospel in the face of persecution.

Read below to find out more about the current situation on the ground, and how you can help.

We received the following email from Rev. Dr. Gideon Achi, Director of Mishpael Fountain Ministry on Saturday, July 25th.

This is a ministry that Blue Grass has been partnering with for many years to bring Christ into the spiritual darkness of Northern Nigeria.

“I write this afternoon with a weighty heart because of the killings in the minority Christian villages in the Southern part of Kaduna State in Nigeria. As the world is battling the global health pandemic of COVID-19, Christian communities in Southern Kaduna state of Northern Nigeria are faced with the additional human-made pandemic, the continuous killings, burning of homes, and stored food by Islamic Fulani terrorists. In the past four weeks, several Christian villages have been attacked while sleeping at night, and many killed and their homes burnt down. The escalation of the recent attacks started in June when Muslim Fulani terrorists killed the son of a retired pastor in my village.

In the past few weeks, several people, especially women, children, and the elderly, have been killed. Many are severely wounded; homes have been burnt down by the attackers. Last night, another village was attacked, and nine people were killed, making the number of people who have been killed to be over one hundred. The current and past attacks on these communities are a continuous attempt for Islamization, ethnic cleansing, political dominance, and land grasping by Muslims in Northern Nigeria.

As a result of these carnage, women, children, and the elderly have had to flee their villages to Internally Displaced People’s (IDPs) Camps. The IDP camps are in relatively safe areas, but the condition of the people in them is deplorable. An example of the situation is what Mishpael found on a need assessment visit to one of the camps on Friday, July 24.

In the camp, there were 675 children with ages ranging from infant to 5 years. There were 54 pregnant women, 179 widows, and 35 orphans. There were 141 older women and men. There are a total of 1084 people in the camp. It’s worth noting that the camp is a rural school that is not equipped to handle such a population. The people fled their homes without food, clothes, or any essential items.

I call for urgent prayers that the senseless and gruesome killing of Christian minorities in Northern Nigeria will stop. Pray for provision for Mishpael and other well-meaning organizations to provide care, food, and basic needs for the vulnerable population that is forced to be refugees in their homeland. If we can raise some funds, Mishpael will like to deliver some food items to the victims as an immediate response to the need. Most importantly, pray along with the sisters and brothers that are under persecution.

Thanks, and God’s blessings, Gideon Achi”

Please pray with us:

“Lord Almighty, God of heaven and earth, all powerful and glorious, we plead with you to intervene into this horrific persecution of Nigerian Christians. We desperately need you to act on their behalf. Lord, we ask in the powerful name of Jesus that today you will stop the attackers in their tracks. Immobilize them by the power of your Spirit. Arrest the Enemy, handcuff his ability to do any further harm to these dear Christian brothers and sisters. Hear our urgent pleadings, along with the desperate cries of your people, as their prayers are being poured out in heaven. Give them a persevering spirit to remain faithful through it all and move our hearts to give generously to this monumental crisis. Come Jesus Come. It’s in the name of Jesus, the name above every other name, we plead our cause in heaven. Amen.”

Particularly during this time of need, please prayerfully consider how you can support this amazing ministry through your prayers and your financial gifts. One time or recurring donations can be made through our online giving platform, the Give+ app, or by mailing a check to our office. You can find more information on how to give at bluegrassumc.org/give.

Thank you so much for your support of the work of the Church in the world, and for continuing to be a congregation that cares about missions.