Parents Of Preteens Workshop

Melody Pfeffer   -  

Are you looking for a Biblical strategy of parenting and way of understanding your 9 to 12 year old?

Be part of an in-depth look at what makes the preteen years different from any others, and learn how you, as a parent, can thrive during these critical years of your child’s development.

This event will be live and interactive on Zoom. You’ll pay $15 per family when you register. There will even be a time to connect just with other preteen parents and the preteen leaders from Blue Grass Church!

At this interactive Zoom meeting for parents, we’ll discuss the changes that happen as the preteen brain matures, how to help preteens adapt to these changes, and how their spiritual ownership can be achieved during this life-changing time.

The live online event, Understanding Preteens, is being offered during two time slots, but Blue Grass members are encouraged to attend the 6pm CT session so all of the Blue Grass parents and preteen leaders will be together during the same Zoom meeting.

During the 75 minute meeting, you’ll experience a presentation about the ‘Early Adolescence’ stage of development from leaders of, come to understand the ‘Letting Go of the Bike’ approach to parenting, and have a chance to address specific concerns and/or questions during the Q&A Session.

Go HERE to register today, and contact Melody Pfeffer with any questions.