Congrats To Our Graduates

Jacob Herm   -  

We love getting to celebrate our graduates!

We know it’s been a weird year for you, but we want you to know how unbelievably proud of you we are.

It’s been our pleasure to cheer you on as God has been doing his work in you, and we look forward to seeing the great things he has in store for you next!

Recently we shared this video in worship, recognizing those who had submitted information to our office. Their names are as follows:

Junior High – Abby DeArment, Jocelyn DeArment, Ottie Droste, Cecilia Guzman, Caleb Humphrey

High School – Gillienne Boyd, Mykala Burry, Austin Holder, Jake McEuen, Sydney Parsons, Heather Seibert, Quinton Sorgius, Allison Wilsbacher, Lucas Wolf, Kara Woodard

College – Jonathan Kline, Jacob Riggs