Volunteer Opportunities

Our ministries are structured into five main Ministry Teams, based on our Blue Grass Purpose Statement.

“To WIN the unchurched to Jesus Christ and WELCOME them into our fellowship so that we might DISCIPLE and DEPLOY each other as servants into the WORSHIP of God.”SERVANTS means we SERVE!  Follow the links on this page to find out more about the TEAMS at Blue Grass and how you can get involved or visit the Ministries section for details about all of the wonderful ministries at Blue Grass.Win Team Purpose: to invite our world into a relationship with Jesus. Welcome Team Purpose: to build lasting friendships through congregational connections.Disciple Team Purpose:  to develop faithful followers of Jesus through spiritual growth opportunities.Deploy Team Purpose: to send human and financial resources into the world in the name of Jesus.Worship Team Purpose: to give honor to God through using gifts of creative arts during worship celebrations.

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