Faith Community Nurse

Historically, the Church has been a place of hope and healing, where people turn in times of need.  Responding to a renewed emphasis on the Church to meet the health needs of their congregations, Blue Grass is excited to announce Joni Bitzer, RN as our Faith Community Nurse (FCN). 

As our FCN, Joni will help the members of Blue Grass and the surrounding communities reach their optimal level of health and well-being.  Feel free to email Joni with any questions. 

An FCN understands the healing mission of the church, accepts the holistic concept of care and promotes wellness and prevention of illness within the congregation. A Faith Community Nurse serves as a volunteer part of the church staff.

The FCN does not provide hands-on care (such as changing bandages or drawing blood) but does evaluate and help congregation members find resources for medical/social/mental services in the community.  Often the FCNs arrange for health screenings, provide speakers for educational programs, set up exercise classes, and communicate articles on topics of spirituality and health. In many cases, the FCN acts as an advocate, helping individual congregation members navigate the health care system and find the services they need.

Faith Community Nursing is based on the concept of holistic health care-being well in mind, body and spirit.  The Faith Community Nurse Program promotes holistic wellness by:

  • Visiting church members in their homes, hospital and nursing homes.
  • Assisting congregation members in identifying their health needs through surveys and interviews.
  • Counseling members on health related issues.
  • Serving as a resource person, referring to community resources and assisting in obtaining needed services.
  • Coordinating health education classes on a variety of subjects.
  • Coordinating health screenings.
  • Developing support groups within the church.

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