Blue Grass Prayer

Praying for Blue Grass ChurchThe following prayer has been adopted as a prayer that we would encourage the congregation to pray for Blue Grass at home or in various church settings. It’s a prayer based on Jesus’ prayer at the Last Supper as recorded in John 17.

“O Glorious One, we pray that we would bring you glory by faithfully completing the work you have entrusted to us. As we go about your ministry and mission, may we know the full measure of Jesus’ joy. As we go about your work in a hostile world, we plead that you would protect us from the evil one who wants to destroy your work in us. And by the power of your word, we ask you would make us holy, a pure bride for our coming Groom. Keep us in love and unity with one another to be a positive witness to the world so they might believe that Jesus is the way to LIFE. We deeply desire to be known as your people so that we can always be with you and see your glory both on earth and in heaven. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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