Senior High

Our Senior High Ministry is a place for students in 9th through 12th grade to make their faith their own. In cooperation with families, we’ll dive deeper into Scripture and the Christian faith as students learn more of what it is to live as a follower of Christ in the world.

Each week students will have the opportunity to attend Sunday School at our Main Campus at 9:30am. As part of this group, they’ll discuss Scripture, theology, and core Christian beliefs. They’ll ask questions and enter into discussion that helps them to make sense of how faith applies to them and how they might take up their place in the Church. Along with other Bible studies offered at different times throughout the year, these times of communal study will help our youth to become the young women and men they were created to be.
The Senior High group will also have opportunities to serve in the community in partnership with various local organizations. We have a lot of partnerships with nonprofits in our area that are working to make the world a better place. Our Senior High ministry seeks to connect teens with opportunities to serve alongside these organizations in ways that make a lasting impact not only in the community, but in their lives as well. This group also take local and international mission trips, that help to expand the students’ vision of how God is working in the world, while inviting them to participate in that work as well. We believe service is an important part of what it means to follow the example of Christ, and we strive to provide every opportunity we can to help senior high students have that experience.

Finally, what is community without a little fun? Through game nights, concerts, and other fun events, relationships are strengthened while the group gets to have a great time in a safe environment.

If you have questions about our Senior High ministry please email Levi Suffel.

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