Helping Hands Loving Hearts

If you or someone you care about is faced with a critical or catastrophic situation, support is available through the Helping Hands – Loving Hearts Ministry at Blue Grass Church.During times of crisis, it can be a comfort to know there are people who care; who understand and are willing to offer prayer, service and encouragement.Helping Hands Loving HeartsThe Helping Hands – Loving Hearts Ministry was founded when members of Blue Grass Church realized a need to offer a helping hand to individuals and families experiencing emotional upset and life disruption due to short-term crisis.What services are offered by Helping Hands – Loving Hearts Ministry?Transportation Providing rides to and from medical appointments.Meals Providing healthy meals to help ease the burden of meal preparation on those dealing with crisis.Respite Caregiver Support Providing two hours per week of respite support for caregivers experiencing a short-term crisis by sitting with a home bound or hospitalized family member.  Our volunteers provide non-clinical support in the form of companionship and a watchful eye to ensure safety.Comfort Care Support Offering prayers, notes of encouragement, phone calls, visits and other forms of loving support.Small Emergency Home Repair Providing assistance with minor emergency home repairs that arise during times of crisis.How can I inquire about receiving these services?Contact the church office at 867-3997 or email us at“Blue Grass Church provided such a meaningful assistance to me and my husband Patrick as he was fighting his final battle against brain cancer in 2008.  The meals, presence and prayers of our church meant so much to all of our family.  I am so grateful for the loving support of Blue Grass.  The church family helped make a very difficult time a little easier to bear.  These experiences have inspired the creation of Helping Hands – Loving Hearts to serve other Blue Grass family and friends in their times of need.”  Jennifer Brickner If you have a heart for serving, there is a place for you in the Helping Hands Loving Hearts Ministry.How can you get involved with Helping Hands Loving Hearts Ministry?

  • Provide meals
  • Provide rides to medical appointments
  • Provide short-term sitting with the ill
  • Provide bereavement care
  • Provide small emergency home repair
  • Serve in an administrative role
  • Provide financial support
If you would like to help provide any of these please contact the church office at 867-3997 or email us at

Ministry Mission:  To share God’s love with the Blue Grass Church family and community through acts of service, by providing comfort and support with the day to day needs of life when it’s most needed.

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