There are a lot of organizations in our community that are doing great things to reach out and serve others. We are always happy to partner with these organizations in our drive to seek and reach the world for Christ. Through various ministries, missions, and service projects, including our Saturdays of Service, we work with groups like the Evansville Christian Life Center, the Evansville Rescue Mission, Tri-State Food Bank, ECHO, the United Methodist Youth Home, and United Caring Services. And that’s not the whole list! With so much good happening, we love the opportunity to support these organizations and offer up our time and talents. There are countless ways for you to get involved in the great things that are going on in our community! Find out how to get connected HERE.

Mission Moments
Each month we feature a ministry or mission that is working to share the Gospel in the world, and collect a special offering throughout the month to help support them in that endeavor. These monthly mission moments are a way for us to celebrate the great work that these people and organizations are doing, while making a real impact in the spread of the message of Christ both locally and globally. Gifts received during through this ministry have been used to build wells in Nigeria, feed starving children around the world, provide school and hygiene supplies to local students, and provide food for those in need in our own community. Videos for the monthly mission moments are posted on our website and you can give online, in person, or via text message.

Mishpael Fountain Ministry
In the past year, we’ve committed to support Gideon and Esther Achi as they launch Mishpael Fountain Ministry. Mishpael Fountain Ministry works to develop ministries of restoration and reconciliation in northern Nigeria. In addition to caring for widows and orphans through education and empowerment programs, and helping to provide basic needs like clean water, Gideon and Esther are working to build bridges between Christian and Muslim communities in an area that has seen sharp divisions and conflict. You can help support this ministry by visiting our Online Giving page today!

Mission Trips
God is doing a lot of great things in the world, reaching out through various missions and ministries to further the purposes of the Kingdom of God. We as the Church are invited into that work wherever it’s happening. It’s with that in mind that we look for opportunities to take groups on short term mission trips each year. These trips join in the work being done both globally and domestically by people who are living out their faith in real and powerful ways. You don’t have to have all the answers or be the most skilled person in the world. You simply need to have a heart that’s open to others and willing to serve where God would lead. For information about upcoming or current missions opportunities, EMAIL Ben Lovell.

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