PIYO Exercise Class

Tired of boring exercises? Don’t just go with the flow try PIYO. 

Join Mickey Smith, certified PIYO instructor, as she leads this total-body fitness workout designed to get you into shape from head to toe.

It combines the practices of Pilates and Yoga to help you build strength, lose weight, increase flexibility and have a great time doing it.

These classes are low-impact but high energy, with moves and poses taken from traditional Yoga (modifications made), Pilates, and dance, linked together in a new way to add more cardio and fun. 

Classes begin on Wednesday January 9th at 6pm in the Chapel Campus Gym. Classes are 1 hour in length. Yoga mat required.

Cost is $48 for the 6 week session or single class session is $12.

Register HERE. Contact Joni Bitzer for more information.

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