Farmers Market

The Farmers Market at Blue Grass is coming this Summer!

Eating fresh, locally grown produce is a perfect way to save money, eat food at its peak of freshness, enjoy the flavors of the season, and experience a sense of community.

The Farmers Market at Blue Grass will operate from 9am to noon each Sunday, beginning July 15th. 

Donations will be accepted for payment and excess produce will be distributed at various inner city missions.

Hey gardeners!
Please, consider planting an extra row for our Farmers Market this summer.

The concept is pretty self-explanatory, and can make an enormous difference in another person’s life: as you plan this year’s garden, just plant one extra row of whatever you’d normally cultivate—like tomatoes, carrots, corn, lettuce, beans.  Any remaining produce from the Famers Market at Blue Grass will be donated to local missions.

Please contact Kathy Overfield or Joni Bitzer if you would like to donate produce or volunteer in the Farmers Market. 

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