Blood Sugar Testing

On Sunday, December 3rd, Certified Diabetes Educator, Karen Denny will be available from 7:40am to noon to check blood sugars for anyone desiring to be tested. It’s an easy two-step process.

Key points to remember:
1.) You do not need to be fasting to take the test.  Remember what time you last ate and a general idea of what you ate.

2.) One blood sugar reading in and of itself means nothing. We will request you to follow up with your doctor if we remotely suspect diabetes or prediabetes.

3.) Anyone can participate in the screening: those diagnosed with diabetes, prediabetes or without any diagnosis of diabetes.

4). Warm clean fingers work best. You may consider washing your hands under warm, running water while rubbing hands vigorously. Warm water and vigorously rubbing stimulates circulation and helps us get a good drop of blood the first time.

Should you have any questions, EMAIL Joni Bitzer, our Faith Community Nurse.

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