Need A Neighbor

We’re all wired with a calling to be about the work of the Kingdom of God in the world; to share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in loving and serving others. During this time of social distancing, you may be wondering how you can live in to this calling and make a difference. The need is there, but what can you do? What does it look like to love your neighbor in this uniquely challenging time?

We’re excited to announce that we’ve joined with other churches and organizations in the Evansville area as part of the Need A Neighbor program.

Need A Neighbor provides an opportunity for people to ask for and offer help in a few key ways. Whether it’s picking up groceries, providing a prepared or boxed meal, prayer, or a friendly phone call, you’ll find tangible ways you can make a difference right now.

Here’s how to get involved. First, visit and check things out for yourself. Then, if it looks like something you’d be interested in being part of, email Ben Lovell to receive important information on registering as a volunteer through Blue Grass Church and serving safely.

Once you’re registered, you’re all set. Visit the site. Choose a project. Love your neighbor.

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