Bible Art Series For BG Kids

Starting Sunday, September 9th, BG Kids and Club 456 will be starting a brand new curriculum series called Bible Art!

Each week we’ll use art to teach lessons from the Bible as the kids create different art projects that remind them of the beauty and greatness of God.

Also, starting on September 9th, BG Kids and Club 456 will be resuming our 10:50am programming with a brand new, media-driven curriculum called WonderBlimp of Knowledge! This curriculum is produced by Phil Vischer, who also created VeggieTales & What’s in the Bible. The Kids will join ‘Clive and Ian’ as they sail through the skies and answer six really BIG questions about God!

– Who created the universe?

– Is God as powerful as a superhero?

– How old is God?

– Does God love me when I do bad things?

– What should I do when I am afraid?

– Can I count on God?

Big things are happening with BG Kids and Club 456 in September. Don’t miss out!

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