Children’s Ministries

Help your children develop their faith in Christ with these Christian activities for children. Fun programs, Christian preschool, and family activities for children of all ages at Blue Grass UMC.


Nursery Care is provided for newborns and toddlers up through age 4 for all worship services.

Sunday School

Sunday School for Pre-schoolers through 6th grades is the place to worship and learn Bible lessons in new and exciting ways and then apply them to everyday life though games and activities.  Parents can check in and pick up children in their assigned classroom.  Sunday School meets on Sundays 9:30 am – 10:30 am.

Vacation Bible School

A week during the summer where kids can invite their friends to join them for fun and adventures while discovering Jesus!

Home For Your Heart Preschool

The school offers four different preschool programs for children ages 12 months up through age 5.  The school also offers two different summer programs.

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